Are goo hara and junhyung still dating

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[ 39, -4] Honestly the only reason they’re getting lumped into this birds of a feather hate is because of Sulli ㅋㅋㅋ If you took Sulli out of this combination, they wouldn’t nearly be getting as much hate 7. They also really love that “birds of a feather” thing, huh?

[ 322, -17] These birds of a feather sure are flocking together ㅋㅋ 3. [ 45, -5] But really, why is Gain hanging out with them ㅋㅋㅋ 6. [ 31, -7] GD-ya, don’t hang out with them Nobody is ever good enough for GD oppar, basically.

Featuring your host: Admin Sweet Medusa “but i don’t understand why what kyuhyun said is bad?

”“the show is about being mean to idols, she should’ve known what was going to happen”“she should’ve known.”okay, so i normally don’t post about kpop on this blog, but i’m going to explain to you why what kyuhyun did was bad, and why we should be shaming him (not hara) for what happened on radio star.

The idea of spending the night at a pension with your s/o is regarded in Korea as the same as spending the night in a motel, etc.

Basically, you mention pension and Koreans will assume sex was involved.

As one of the top of the top kpop stars, their dating made lot of anti-fans also (haha) and people got jealous at them a lot, too.

now, yes breaking up from a long term relationship is very sad, and we all understand that.Though the two are no longer together, actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINEE's Jonghyun had a short relationship when the two found out they both took a liking to each other.The couple were snapped taking a casual date on the streets where you could see the lovebirds laughing and enjoying what little free time they had together.They said that they will be good partners and friends as colleague kpop singers. Because if they decided to remain as friends, they don't need to unfollow on twitter.. By the way, people already noticed that they have trouble in their relationship because they unfollowed twitter before they announce their breakup. Anyway, KARA is now working in Japan with their song 'Bye Bye Happy Days'. Because both of them are dealing with super busy schedule for their own futures, they might encourage each other as colleagues. See how is ironic that their song matches with Hara's breakup..

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