Dating a less attractive guy

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I've only ever had sex twice and neither time was with my gf...they were just casual encounters devoid of any emotional attachment and they just asked me if I wanted to do things with them.I probably had about 6 to 8 possible options in my first year at college, but either wasn't interested, screwed it up, or didn't have the audacity to pursue the girl.The only way I ever got a girlfriend was because she pursued me and I just happened to be interested too since most other girls that pursued me I wasn't into.

Literally 2/3 of male messages go to the best looking 1/3 of women.But it seems to me, since women have more to lose from reproduction, as in it's a bigger risk, then they should always be looking to "date up", in terms of appearance, paternal instinct I suppose, and ability to support them.This is not to say that women are thinking "hm this guy isn't cute, but he's husband material", it's more just that they have lower standards when it comes to appearance.As Ok Cupid observed, the medical term for this is “male pattern madness”.4) Women engage in similar behavioral patterns, just not as extreme.

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