Fun games to play while dating

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Right now I wanna share with you my list of 10 awesome games to play in your conversations. book, talking on Skype or over the phone is not so much about the content of the conversation, as it’s about the connection that you guys build with each other.

Most people tend to put too much attention on the content of the conversation, when actually it’s the connection that matters the most.

Your daily talks are meant to allow you to spend some quality time together, so it’s not that important what you talk about, as long as you guys talk.

game may reveal the nature of your girlfriend/boyfriend.

You can always stop the game in a certain point to discuss something that you found interesting. Just be playful and don’t take things too seriously.

And by the way, conversational games are just 1 out of the 50 ideas that I share with you in my new book “” on how to make your Skype and phone talks more fun and exciting.

Some of our games are perfect for texting with your girlfriend/boyfriend, while others are more geared toward getting to know each other.

Either way you will have fun and you can giggle and laugh while holding your phone.

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