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Carolyn Tyler, who's separated from her doctor husband (David Sutcliffe), a break precipitated in part by the death of one of their two children.

Things take a turn for the unusual when she's coerced into meeting dying tech billionaire Ivan Turing (Matthew Modine).

At the same time, the writing for Jamal, whose credentials as a monster were established in the pilot, seemed to be growing more nuanced.

It happens all the time in TV: One person pops, another doesn't. It's too late to undo any of his character's failings - we know him to be a killer and a rapist, for starters - but in embracing Jamal, the show's no longer holding its fictional Mideast at quite such a distance.

" data-reactid="20"Barry is pushing democracy over a competing caliphate cadre, so we’re on his side, but the show doesn’t make it easy: Barry has always been portrayed as a conflicted, sometimes indecisive intellectual who’d rather ponder these questions philosophically, when what it needed is firm action.

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