Rare dating site

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When you sign up for Friend Fin, you'll complete a short profile about yourself, answering questions about your habits, your location and what you're looking for from love and friendship.

those who find it difficult to join “regular” dating sites because of a rare condition that they have—whatever condition that may be—and this site is also open to people who don’t have a rare condition at all but who would be willing to date people who do have one.

However, reading on this forum gives me a spark of hope that I have just not met the right person, based on my rare type.

I can definitely see myself in a lot of you other INFJ's!

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In today's busy world, meeting people with similar interests for love or friendship can be challenging, particularly if you're shy or have a hard time feeling comfortable in crowded social settings like clubs and bars.

And Mc Dermott recommends steering clear of people who don’t have kids but use undue space in their profile soliciting information about the age and sex of your children.

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