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Kong's main task is to keep dangerous Skullcrawlers (large lizard-like beings with two arm-legs and a massive tail) at bay, and Kong has a massive throwdown with one that’s an impressive filmmaking feat for two computer-generated beasties.

Kong also shares an up-and-close personal moment with Mason — shades of Fay Wray in the 1933 classic, for sure — that showcases the ape's world-weary eyes that have seen their share of tragedy.

They hope this will give contestants a greater chance of finding love and lead to more summer loving than ever before."And we expected nothing less.

Pitcairn doubles as tourist accommodation for one of the world's remotest communities and few remaining outposts from the British colonial era.

Show bosses reportedly confirmed to The Sun that 2017's series - which encourages singletons to find love for the chance to win £20,000 - will be extended, following the success of the show last year.

A source commented: "Due to the massive success of last year’s series among viewers, bosses have decided to extend the current one by a week.

A second sex crime has been reported at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral.

The 62-year-old registered sex offender comes from a gritty background in Brooklyn, with no university degree and no clear explanation for his many millions.

Epstein (C) is being accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts, having previously pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting prostitution with a minor and was jailed for 18 months.

Former president Bill Clinton (L) and Prince Andrew (R) have all been known to spend time with the billionaire.

The victim in the crime said she "did not want to face repercussions if she came forward" to report the crime. The victim engaged in phone sex with the senior student for a few days prior to the encounter.

On Wednesday, a student reported to authorities that she had been sexually assaulted by another student after the two of them were left alone. On the fifth day, the senior student texted the victim to meet him in an isolated area of the school after school because he wanted to have sex with her.

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