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"Hello handsome,” I panted, trying to secure a towel around me. My now ex-wife stormed out with her lawyer, the judge had ruled in my favor and she walked out with nothing. I met them during the end of the CB radio craze that swept the country in the late seventies.Elsa, my now ex-wife cheated on me with another woman, and tried to ruin my reputation along with... We had all just joined a local CB club about a month apart and became friends.This ongoing guide to the best porn for women is Refinery29's gift for all you voyeurs out there.You might be shy and looking for a place to start, or you might be familiar with many items on the list, but we hope you'll enjoy this specially curated resource for women's sexual pleasure. Play in bed or getting frisky outside, your hands are free to explore! Vibease can be comfortably worn in your undergarments.

The name says it all: is home to thousands of the sexiest-looking, naughtiest girls you've ever seen.

Immerse deeper into your favorite erotic audiobooks than before. It is so quiet that my friends din't even notice I was wearing it when we were out.

Vibease is your best bet comparing to the rest of the high end vibrators in the market. I like that you can customize experiences for different stories or set up your own experience.

Videos come in all varieties, from solo acts to more than three, and can be searched according to refreshing and whimsical categories, like "orgasmic," "bedtime," and "inthekitchen." There's no flat fee for the site; you pay to rent a video, and you can watch it as many times as you want for three weeks.

All performers receive half the rental money, so you're also supporting a booming alternative porn industry.

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