The formview fired event itemupdating

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I've run a trace on the Visible property in both the Page_Load and Page_Pre Render events and the Visible property shows as false. Thanks Andrew Hello Andrew, From your description, you're putting a placeholder control in From View's Edit Template, and you'll programmatically determine the placeholder's Visibility according to another dropdownlist's selected item.

However, you found that the placeholder's visiblity doesn't be as expected when you try perform updating on the Formview, correct?

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I have a page variable defined as: Dim e Insert Args As Form View Inserted Event Args And then I do the following in my Item Inserted handler If bool Insert Error Occurred = False Then e.

Visible = false on each first page load and postbacks depending on the value of another Drop Down List.

This works as expected when other controls are Auto Post Back for example but when the Form View btn Update is clicked the page is postback and the ph Response Text Place Holderer is displayed as in the declarative state but completely ignores the programmatic property settings in Page_Load.

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