Who is charlie hunnan dating

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“He was very method in an amazingly impressive way,” Miller told ET.“He was starving himself half the time, he didn't speak to his [girlfriend] at all, and she's amazing.Michael De Luca is on to produce the adaptation of E.

Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan has been tapped to replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in the Universal and Focus adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”This story first appeared in the October 29, 2013 issue of Variety. His modeling experience may be useful, as the part will require him to act in explicitly sexual scenes.

Thankfully, I have an incredible girlfriend who's very, very understanding and supportive of these silly whims that I have.” And as the actor approaches 40 -- he turns 37 on Monday!

-- he's looking forward to a building a more a stable life with her that probably doesn't involve five months of the silent treatment!

Universal said Hunnam’s exit was due to scheduling issues with “Sons of Anarchy” and upcoming movie “Crimson Peak,” but some sources said battles over a rewrite and the actor’s doubts about the role may have played a part in his decision.

PHOTOS: Christian Grey Casting: A Timeline When Hunnam exited, U and Focus execs decided to go for more of a discovery and brought in Dornan and Billy Magnussen to test with Johnson last Friday.

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